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The firm’s capabilities are based on the professional training and experience of a small staff holding primarily Doctoral or Masters level degrees in fields such as IT, Electrical, Civil, Traffic, Structural, Mechanical ad Environmental Engineering, as well as Transportation Planner, Economics, Construction, Management and, Planning. We have the ability to call additional staff, including other consultants and specialists, when needed.

Pars Consulting Engineers Personnel

Pars Consulting Engineers, Inc

  • Certified by the City of Kansas City, MO & KCATA D/MBE
  • Certified by the State of Missouri, & MODAT D/MBE
  • Certified by the State of Kansas, & KDOT D/MBE
  • Certified by the SBA (Small Business Administration)
  • Certified by GSA Schedule 70

Services we offer

  • Professional Services
  • Technology Services
  • Energy Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Facilities Maintenance/ Management Services

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